Siberian Nut Butter made of Pine NutsNut butter Urbech is a paste of nuts, seeds, or fruit pits, which is obtained by grinding them with stone millstones to obtain an oily substance. There is information that Urbech cures many diseases.
Natural Siberian drink - Cedar CoffeeCedrocoffee is a natural drink made from whole pine nuts. Is not addictive, does not overload the nervous system, and does not increase blood pressure.
10 Facts about Siberian Pine
Siberian Herbal TeasThe selection of Siberian herbal teas for the manufacture of herbal teas is carried out according to recipes of both traditional and herbal medicine.
Pine Resin 100% benefits and methods of treatment
Pine Resin, Sap, Turpentine - what is it?The healing properties and contraindications of cedar pine resin are known to a small number of people, since many have not even heard of this natural remedy.
Natural Supplement to Strengthen Immune SystemPine nut oil will act in a complex manner for best immune support. It directly supports the immune organs in a healthy way, including benefits to digestive tract, skin, spleen, lymphatic system, thymus gland.
Siberian Pine Nut Oil for Heartburn
Siberian Pine Nut Oil for HeartburnThis is the body’s reaction to the reflux of acid into the esophagus, in rare cases, pathology occurs on an empty stomach. What are the folk remedies for heartburn? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.
Siberian Pine Nut Oil for Ulcer & Gastritis
Siberian Pine Nut Oil for Ulcer & GastritisYou should not start the disease if you do not want to face serious and unpleasant consequences. One of the best natural herbal medicine to fight attacks of gastritis and ulcers is Siberian pine nut oil.
Pine nut milk as Breast milk substitute
Pine nut milk as Breast milk substituteCedar nut milk is the best breast milk substitute. Such milk is absorbed by 95%, which makes it recommended for use by newborn babies who, for some reason, do not receive breastfeeding.
Pine Nut Oil for Children
Pine Nut Oil for ChildrenCedar nut oil is a unique product obtained by processing natural ingredients. Molten gold is what they deserve to be called. By its composition, it has a positive effect not only on adults but also on children.
Honey mixed with cold water
Honey mixed with cold waterThe effect of honey water normalizes digestion. The work of all parts of the digestive tract improves. You can Rub the face with honey water. It nourishes the skin, makes it soft, velvety and tender.
Pine Nut Oil for Face Skin & Body Care
Pine Nut Oil for Face Skin & Body Careimproves face tone and accelerates the skin regeneration process evens out the tone and structure of the face smoothes expression and age wrinkles prevents the first signs of aging
best hair masks
Pine Nut Oil for HairPine nut oil is very useful for hair, it accelerates growth, fights dry scalp, restores natural shine and a healthy look. Cedar nut oil prevents hair loss by preventing baldness.