Pine Resin, Sap, Turpentine - what is it?

The healing properties and contraindications of cedar pine resin are known to a small number of people, since many have not even heard of this natural remedy.

Pine Resin 100% benefits and methods of treatment

Pine Resin is a gum of the cedar pine tree, which came out of the plant naturally. It has a pleasant smell and bright cedar taste, and also has a lot of useful properties. It is actively used in herbal and traditional medicine. Pine resin does not dry out or crystallize, and therefore can be stored for a very long time.

Depending on the percentage of pine resin extract on oil, the balm is used in different ways.

  • 2.5% pine resin – for the health of the eyes, nose, eyelid nutrition, relieving puffiness;
  • 5-6% pine resin – taken for the prevention and maintenance of health, for massage, for oral cavity problems, prevention of acute respiratory infections, tonsillitis, sinusitis;
  • 10-12% pine resin – internally or externally for cleaning and healing the body. 10% resin is good to bury the nose with a cold;
  • 20-25% pine resin – externally for joints, for the back, for herpes, hemorrhoids, burns, from fungal infections;
  • 50% – for the preparation of creams and oils, with a trophic ulcer.

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