Health benefits of pine nut oil

Pine nut oil is a unique herbal product given to us by Siberian nature, fatty vegetable oil with a characteristic smell and original taste of pine nuts; which is distinguished by its nutritional value and environmental friendliness.


As for the calorie content, pine nut oil contains 899 kcal per 100 g of natural healing product.

Treatment with pine nut oil

Pine nut oil has rich composition thus is a great natural herbal remedy during any medical treatment. Regular use will help saturate the body with essential nutrients that your body needs to work properly.

Please note: the product is very high content and has a “correct” ratio of polyunsaturated to monounsaturated fatty acids. In this regard, it is significantly superior to fish oil. Moreover, in oil, Omega-6 and -3 have a ratio of 2: 1, which is the best ratio. For rejuvenating vitamin E, Siberian oil will give a big head start to olive and coconut. Chlorophyll is beneficial for blood composition, and terpenoids allow the oil to fight bacteria and inflammation.

No analogs and artificial substitutes have been found.

Full list of health benefits of Siberian pine nut oil

Original extra virgin pine nut oil affects many-body systems. The whole point is that oil, when taken continuously, maintains normal body function. Moreover, it is a prophylactic agent for a number of diseases. If we are sick, the oil will help us recover sooner and then recover sooner. Pine nut oil is recommended for pregnancy and breastfeeding. The product is suitable for everyone — from newborn children to adults. Pine nut oil's health benefits became known after careful analysis by scientists and a number of human tests, that proved a positive effect on the entire body.

Coping with chronic fatigue.

The product contains a large number of fatty acids, which are energy reserve bases. Their lack can cause a breakdown. It positively affects the innate and adaptive immune mechanisms.

Prevent atherosclerosis, thrombosis, ischemia.

Siberian pine nut oil contains Omega 3-6-9 acids, including EPA and pinolenic acid, which have a beneficial effect on blood vessels and prevent start many diseases, including atherosclerosis.

Increases vascular tone, helps to normalize blood pressure.

To remove decomposition products and salts of heavy metals, therefore, it is useful for workers in difficult conditions and residents of unfavorable areas from an environmental point of view.

Improve the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Vitamin D, which is included in this product, helps to improve the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, for normal growth and development for a child. This property is irreplaceable for elderly people. Vitamin D will help to strengthen bones and keep your teeth healthy for years to come.

Improve eyesight.

The high content of vitamin A helps to improve visual acuity.

Improve your digestive health and remove excess cholesterol.

These beneficial properties are provided by the high content of niacin.

Prevent premature skin and body aging.

Vitamin E, which is included in this product, helps to stop skin aging by accelerating cell renewal. Siberian pine nut oil is used as a natural herbal component of many skin care products, which is possible due to the fact that it contains a huge amount of useful substances. In addition, it helps to preserve female beauty when taken orally, but only if the correct dosages are observed.

And, also pine nut oil:

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Regular taking Siberian pine nut oil during pregnancy helps to saturate with the necessary vitamins, macro- and microelements, not only the woman's body but also the child. The rich composition contributes to normal fetal development, improves the nervous system during pregnancy, helps prevent digestive disorders, and improves general protective functions.

In addition, pregnant women who regularly consume this unique product note the absence of stretch marks.

Pine oil is useful for a breastfeeding woman's body. The substances that make up its composition have a beneficial effect, improving the quality and production of milk, the digestive and intestines functioning.

Regular taking pine nut oil will help a woman quickly recover from childbirth, get rid of edema and prevent the occurrence of postpartum depression, which is observed in many young mothers.

However, it should be noted that oil should be consumed strictly in limited quantities and only after consulting a pediatrician. Otherwise, there is a risk of developing an allergic reaction and other unpleasant consequences of its consumption in a newborn child.


According to many pediatricians, pine nut oil may be added to the daily diet of a child who has reached the age of six months but only in limited quantities. It is recommended for babies to add no more than 1-2 drops of oil to milk.

Let your children eat pine nut oil and it will help not only saturate the child's body with all the necessary minerals, vitamins but also:

Immune system

Pine nut oil is recommended to prevent and treat immune failures, for resistance to viral diseases, depressive disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, and body overloads of any kind.

Cosmetology, Hair & Beauty

Due to vitamin E, B1, B2, minerals, you can include Siberian pine nut oil into your daily care routine. The product affects the skin as follows:

Food Recipes

Pine nut oil easily replaces sunflower seed oil and olive oil, and they cannot replace it in value. Delicious and well absorbed, this oil will go well with a wide variety of foods.

Get a great salad dressing — with vegetables there will be even more health benefits. Pine nut oil goes well with porridge and bakery. It will add sophistication to dishes, presenting its unique nutty aroma. As with all-natural raw-pressed oils, you don't need to fry food in this oil.

Only cold-pressed extra virgin pine nut oil retains the taste and beneficial components. The product can be taken regularly by itself. The dosage is one teaspoon before meals.

You notice the difference in a week after adding pine nut oil to your diet: fatigue and apathy go away, vitality appears, sleep normalizes, and general well-being improves.

Side effects of pine nut oil

Manufacturers guarantee the sterility of the raw materials and production process, so not any instruction of taking pine oil contains contraindications, except for individual intolerance. However, despite all its beneficial properties, there are remarkable contraindications. True, there are significantly fewer of them than other similar products. Do not use in the following cases:

Pregnant women and some children under 5 years of age to avoid excessive nervous system tone.

Before internal or external use, you need to make sure that there is no allergic intolerance. Make a patch test, place a small drop of oil on your inner wrist. If no negative manifestations were found, then there is nothing to fear.

Also, this unique product can harm the human body if the person taking it refuses the dosages recommended by experts or acquires a low-quality product. Before adding to the daily menu, please consult with your doctor, who can explain in an accessible way how to start using this product.

In conclusion

Many experienced therapists recommend using pine nut oil as a herbal remedy in treating:

According to experienced doctors, pine oil can also improve visual acuity, increase the body's resistance to infection, which is especially important during the fall-winter period of the year.

If you follow all the rules for consuming pine nut oil, there will be no side effects.

Be healthy!


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