About pine nut oil

Pine nut oil is a truly unique and environmentally friendly plant product that cannot be synthesized artificially. There are simply no analogs in nature. In terms of taste, nutritional and health-improving properties, Siberian pine nut oil has practically no equal. It is considered a delicacy, and its fantastic flavor and delicate nutty smell leave no one indifferent.

This amber-yellow oil is obtained from Siberian pine nuts (Pinus Sibirica tree seeds) by cold pressing.

It is worth buying first cold-pressed pine nut oil. Moreover, it should have a rich amber-yellow color. The taste and smell are not very sharp, but you can feel a well-expressed taste of nuts in the aftertaste. Try to purchase oil in a small bottle as after opening and first contact with air, the shelf life decreases.

Pine nut oil is a real natural storehouse of bioactive nutrients. This oil is a high content of Omega-6 linoleic acid (46.1%), pinolenic acid (20%), Omega-9 oleic acid (25.1%), as well as saturated fatty acids – palmitic, eicosanic, stearic.

Composition and presence of nutrients

Pine oil contains phytosterols, essential oils, lecithin, carotenoids, vitamins E, B2, B1, B3, D, micro- and macroelements – magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron, copper, manganese, iodine.

Useful properties

Pine nut oil has a variety of health properties. It is well absorbed, it can be successfully used as a complete product in vegetarian cuisine. Thanks to its unique composition and anti-inflammatory properties, this herbal product is now used to prevent and treat several diseases, such as high blood pressure levels. It can be used as an appetite suppressant in losing weight, and essential fatty acids in oil increase the body's metabolism in burning fats. Pine nut oil is a naturally powerful antioxidant. It can prevent any disease from maintaining antioxidant status and fighting free radicals to healing stomach ulcers.

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A universal recipe for taking pine nut oil to protect the body:

After the first use, you can store the oil in the refrigerator in a glass bottle with a tightly closed lid.

You can use pine nut oil instead of olive oil and other vegetable oils in salads and sauces recipes.