Production technology of pine nut oil

Pine nut oil is produced from pine nut kernels: in order to obtain 1 kg of this product, it is necessary to process 3 kg of refined raw materials.

Pine nut oil contains a huge amount of beneficial trace elements. There are two ways to process oil:

  1. Premium grade – Obtained as a result of cold pressing, it is used in medicine and cosmetology. 
  2. Second grade – Obtained by hot pressing, it is mainly used in the preparation of various dishes.

The most beneficial is the product obtained by cold pressing, since the raw materials are not subject to either extraction or heating, which allows the oil to retain all the beneficial substances that pine nuts are rich in. Yes, the price of oil is not particularly democratic, which is explained by the high cost of raw materials and the laboriousness of the production process.

The choice of pine nut oil must be correct. The most preferable variety is the first pressing, since it is of higher quality. The color of the product should be bright and the taste and aroma not too harsh. The aftertaste should retain a pronounced taste of pine nuts.

Checking your oil at home is very simple. To do this, you need to pour a small amount of it into a clean dish and rinse under running cold water. The natural product should be washed off without leaving any greasy residue on the dishes.