Nutrition Facts of Pine nut oil

Siberian pine nut oil is obtained from pine nuts using a cold-pressed method. The result is a pleasant amber oil that has a noticeable nutty aroma and contains a high concentration of protein and fatty acids. Pine nut oil is a true natural storehouse of biologically active nutrients. All medicinal, beneficial properties and contraindications of pine nut oil are due to its composition. Vitamins and nutrients are present in it in a balanced form.

The product contains:

  • 95% of lipids are fat-like substances of living cells
  • nitrogenous compounds like phytosterols, carotenoids, essential fat acids
  • essential amino acids, like lecithin, lysin and tryptophan
  • fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, K, D)
  • vitamins B1, B2, B3 (PP), P, C
  • macro- and microelements: magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron, copper, manganese, iodine.

Saturated and unsaturated acids

This product is considered unique due to its composition, which contains a very rare and valuable alpha-linoleic acid, which cannot be synthesized in the human body, and therefore is considered indispensable. In addition, the composition includes a large number of saturated and unsaturated acids, including:

  • palmitic;
  • stearic;
  • oleic;
  • pinolenic;
  • alpha linolenic;
  • eicosodienic.

Vitamins and Minerals

In addition to these elements, the product contains many vitamins. Experts note that this oil contains a huge amount of vitamins E and D. In addition, the chemical composition of this unique and natural remedy is rich in B vitamins.

Pine nut oil is also loaded with a lot of minerals. It contains potassium, manganese, copper, iodine, magnesium, sodium, calcium, zinc, iron.

Full chemical nutrients table (per 100 grams)
Saturated fatty acids
Palmitic acid4,791%
Stearic acid2,453%
Arachidic acid0,225%
Unsaturated fatty acids, % of all fatty acids
Oleic acid (ω−9)25,221%
Gadoleic acid0,74%
Linoleic acid (ω−6)46,209%
Pinolenic acid18,954-20,046%
Skeadonic acid0,794%
α-Linolenic acid (ω−3)0,317%
Eicosapentaenoic acid, EPA (ω−3)0,296%
Carotenoids31 mg
Vitamin E, tocopherol55 mg
Vitamin D0,07 mg
Vitamin B11,6 mg
Vitamin B21,7 mg
Vitamin B3 (PP)14 mg
Macro and microelements
Phosphorus840 mg
Potassium650 mg
Magnesium552 mg
Sodium195 mg
Calcium110 mg
Zinc20 mg
Iron19 mg
Manganese16 mg
Copper4 mg
Iodine0,6 mg
Amino acids
EssentialValine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Methionine, Tryptophan
Conditionally EssentialArginine, Histidine, Cysteine, Tyrosine
Non-EssentialProline, Glycine