Siberian Pine Nut Oil with Seabuckthorn Berries

Siberian Pine nut oil with Seabuckthorn berries is regular 100% \nPine nut oil\n with added Seabuckthorn berries. This combination enhances the beneficial properties of cooking. Sea buckthorn berries are a storehouse of vitamins E, C and are a natural antioxidant
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About Product

Item FormVegetable Oil, with added berries
Best Use ForDigestive Disorders; Natural Herbal Remedy; Cooking; Superfood; Omega, Vitamins & Antioxidant supplement
Specific Uses For ProductBody Support; Gastritis, Ulcers, Heartburn, H Pylori, Eczema, Anxiety, Weight loss
How to UseInternal
IngredientsSiberian pine nut oil 100%, whole seabuckthorn berries
Size100 ml / 3.5 fl.oz.
Shelf Life12 months (in refrigerator)
Packagingglass bottle with dispenser, cardboard box with instructions for use


Siberian pine nut oil is the best and healthiest among vegetable oils. It is the best and most valuable of natural food and medicinal characteristics. In dietetics, pine nut oil is considered a dietary product, and in cooking it is considered a delicacy. It is really special, pure, filled with the life-giving energy of nature.

Sea buckthorn berries are high in vitamin C, which will help fight colds, as it has the ability to strengthen the immune system. Sea buckthorn contains other vitamins:

  • Vitamin A, group B, E, K, PP;
  • Minerals: Magnesium; Potassium; Iron; Calcium; Phosphorus; Sodium; Sulfur; Silicon.

In the fruits of sea buckthorn, the concentration of serotonin is high, which is also called the hormone of joy, therefore sea buckthorn is useful for protecting against depressive conditions.

The combination of these beneficial substances helps the body fight inflammatory processes, enhances immunity, strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves the functioning of the liver, thyroid gland and gastrointestinal tract, improves metabolism, helps restore the nervous system, protects against vision diseases and has a healing effect in case of burns and cuts with superficial application.

Nutrition Facts

Energy value: 800 kcal | 3320 kj

Nutritional value per 100 grams of product:

  • Proteins: 0.2 g
  • Fat: 88 g
  • Carbohydrates: 0.7 g


Average rating: 4.8 out of 5; Total: 4 Reviews
George S. Williams
Verified Purchase
Best pine nut oil I tried
Full Review

I’ve tried so many different pine nut oils but never tasted such natural and fresh pine nut oil! It, indeed, improves the taste of any food.

Reviewed in United States, New York City, NY on
Jessica Dubois
Verified Purchase
Top stomach pain home treatment
Full Review

I have long known about the benefits of taking pine nut oil on an empty stomach. I bought pine nut oil from other companies, but it was not pleasant and it was not possible to eat it its own, let alone, on an empty stomach.

This is the first pine nut oil that I really enjoy drinking. There are no repulsive flavors in its taste. 

Reviewed in Canada, Toronto, Ontario on
John D. Wilsey
Verified Purchase
Great natural source of antioxidants
Full Review

The most favorite pine nut oil of mine!

When tried it at first, my joy had no limits!

I strongly advise you to try. The taste of the dishes with the oil is incomparable. All the members of my family like it very much.
The composition of the oil is natural.

Reviewed in United States, San Jose, CA on
Verified Purchase
Best herbal remedy for skin care
Full Review

In terms of money the purchase of pine nut oil is many times cheaper than the purchase of expensive face creams. No allergies occur!

I used the most expensive cosmetic creams with lifting effect. From some of them my face was swelling because of allergy. Now I order half a liter of pine nut oil for cosmetic purposes. My skin has become much younger; there are absolutely no chemical additives in this oil.

Reviewed in United States, Chicago, IL on


What is Siberian pine nut oil good for?

Pine nut oil is a unique food product and dietary supplement, even when consumed in minimal quantities (from 1 teaspoon per day), it will allow you to normalize many metabolic processes in the body, improving the function of many organs and systems. For example, Siberian pine nut oil is good for digestive tract, cardiovascular system and lot more.

It surpasses all other known vegetable oils in terms of beneficial properties, and has been used by people for many centuries to treat various diseases.

Read more about healing properties of pine nut oil:

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What are the side effects of Siberian pine nut oil?

As such, side effects after taking pine nut oil have not been identified or diagnosed.

If you are allergic to any type of nut, your body can react similarly to any pine nut products.

Can you cook with Siberian pine nut oil?

Pine nut oil is widely used in cooking. Due to its unique taste characteristics and pleasant aroma, it can complement salads, various snacks and ready-made cereals. In addition, this unique product goes well with poultry meat prepared in any way, complementing the taste of baked vegetables and fresh or cooked fruits.

Yet frying pine nut oil is not recommended: due to its low boiling point, it will burn and smoke at the lowest frying temperature. Under the influence of high temperatures, this product loses many useful substances that are contained in its composition. In addition, the taste and aroma of pine nut oil under the influence of high temperature will be spoiled and lose its uniqueness.