Siberian Cleanse

Siberian healers say: “If you do the Siberian cleansing every year, you will never grow old.” It is very simple, does not suit stressful situations for the body.

Siberian Cleanse

Siberian healers say: “If you do the Siberian cleansing every year, you will never grow old.” It is very simple, does not suit stressful situations for the body. Gently and slowly includes the process of cleansing and healing at the cellular level. Such a deep impact is very rarely achieved with the help of complex special healing systems. When you start drinking cedar resin, first of all, your immunity increases, since resin is a powerful antiseptic. In the blood, the content of phagocytes increases, which destroy viruses and foreign pathogenic bodies. That is, we get rid of many pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and parasites. As a result, the most powerful energy potential is released. All glands and organs of our body begin to work more intensively, better, and more efficiently. Further, the regeneration of cells of all tissues of the body begins. During this period, an exacerbation of some old diseases is possible. Don’t be scared, because this is a temporary phenomenon. It is necessary to slightly reduce the dose and continue cleaning.

During the cleansing, the liver and blood vessels are cleansed, which become more elastic, due to which self-regulation of blood pressure is restored in many, and joint pains disappear. Cholecystitis, colitis, enterocolitis, hepatitis, gastritis and ulcers of the stomach and intestines are cured, the intestinal microflora is restored, the metabolism is regulated, the general tone increases and the energy of a person increases.

For cleaning, you will need an insulin syringe without a needle, 100 units (as a dispenser) and 200 ml. ten percent sap. On the first day of cleansing, in the morning on an empty stomach, drink 12.5 units of the drug (12.5 units are approximately equal to 1 drop), after that you do not need to drink or eat for 30 minutes. The next day you drink 25 units, on the third 37.5 units, and so every day you add 12.5 units. On the fortieth day, you will reach 500 units (5 ml, which is equal to 1 teaspoon). From day 40, you begin to reduce the dose, also 12.5 units per day. Overall, the cleaning lasts 79 days. In the first 40 days, you gradually reach a new energy level, at this time the memory of your cells is opened and restored, and recovery processes are activated at a very deep level. For the next 40 days, you fixate on this level, usually at this time a person feels the effect of cleaning, in different people, it manifests itself in different ways. The dosage is calculated for a person of average build. If you weigh between 80 and 100 kg, then you better take 17 or 19 units as a basis, and add 17-19 units every day. If your weight is from 100 kg or more, then 25 units of cedar 10% resin are taken as a basis. If the base is 17 units, then in total you will need 280ml. If 19 units, then 320 ml, and if 25 units, then, accordingly, 400 ml for the entire cleaning. For the resin that you have left, you can always find a use, see the annotation.

Very important! During cleaning, toxic substances and toxins are actively removed from the cells of the body. All this goes directly to the circulatory and lymphatic systems, the blood becomes contaminated with toxic products and thickens. In order for the blood to be quickly cleansed, it is imperative to eat fresh vegetables (zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, Jerusalem artichoke, herbs, etc.), fruits (best of all, apples), rich in oxygen and fiber. It is very useful to take a sorbent from ground flax seeds: an hour after dinner, stir 1 dessert spoon of ground flax seeds in warm water and drink. There is nothing else. This mixture is great for cleansing the blood.

It is also necessary to drink at least 2 liters of clean water per day (tea, coffee, soda water are not considered, as it dehydrates the body). You can drink herbal infusions, fruit drinks, eat vegetable soups. This helps to flush out the body and relieve stress on the kidneys. during the cleaning period, a large volume of dirt from the body passes through them.

It is also recommended to reduce the consumption of animal protein, because inside, the death of parasites begins, and this is also an animal protein and the body needs to digest it.

Proper nutrition during the cleaning process avoids side effects – high blood pressure, weakness, dizziness, skin rashes. Such effects are observed only if all poisonous ballast that has got there is not removed from the blood in a timely manner, i.e. when a person does not eat properly during cleaning.

If you clean it correctly, you will get great results!


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