Pine Nut Oil to Boost Children Immunity Quick

Increasing immunity in children is a huge necessity and every parent is busy with this issue. We will tell you about the best remedy. We will tell you about the best remedy.

Pine Nut Oil to quickly boost children immunity

Increasing immunity in children is a huge necessity and every parent is busy with this issue. We will tell you about the best remedy that people have used for centuries, it came to us from the depths of Siberian taga, where people did not know what a disease was, they lived up to 130 years. We will analyze in detail and tell you the best way and means for this.

In the modern world, more and more advertising is going on, the imposition of chemical, synthetic drugs from the pharmacy to improve health. They are called vitamins. Colorful labels and descriptions on them very convincingly suggest that after drinking or taking this vitamin or medicine a person gains health, strong immunity. On television, pharmacological preparations are constantly being promoted to raise immunity. But this is more business! Have you ever wondered why people used to almost never get sick, not having pharmacies and those drugs that are now. And now all clinics are overcrowded with people, children are very often sick. It is almost impossible to find healthy children. But why?

After all, everyone takes vitamins. But they blame it on a strong virus or something else. And it doesn’t even occur to people that all these synthetic vitamins do not give any result. People used to live in nature and used only natural and natural products to restore health and boost immunity. Increasing immunity in children was not a difficult issue before. Each family had 5-8 children and all were completely strong and healthy. The Siberians have always had the strongest immunity and health. Even the concept of “Siberian health” remained, meaning a very strong and physically healthy organism. And we will tell you how Siberians achieved such incredible health by natural means.

Increasing immunity in children is not very difficult

Cedar oil is indispensable for a child’s body – with its help, real cedar oil can boost a child’s immunity.

Probably, many parents are familiar with this situation: a child attends kindergarten and often picks up a cold there from other, often ill children. Alas, not all moms and dads leave their sick babies to be treated at home. Unfortunately, the situation does not always change when a child enters school. Schoolchildren are also often sick. Most parents blame weak immunity for all diseases and buy up expensive pharmaceutical drugs to strengthen it. However, not all of them think about strengthening immunity with the help of funds that are given to us by nature itself. One of them is cedar oil (must be hand-pressed).

“Live” oil, made from pine nuts by pressing, was used by our ancestors for the treatment of many diseases and the implementation of cosmetic procedures. The product was successfully used at a time when modern medicines were not available to people.

Such oil is called “alive” because, due to the gentle pressure regime, all valuable components that were in the raw material are preserved in it. This cannot be achieved in the production processing of the product.

Boosting immunity in children becomes easy

In the manufacture of products, the technology of pressing on a press made of wood should be used. This method is not so popular, since it gives a small oil yield, and a certain part of it remains in the cake. In addition, this is a long and difficult way, requiring the masters to know the main nuances of the technology. However, when using it, the right oil is obtained, which can give vitality and strengthen the immune system.

The main feature of our technology is the use of a wooden press. Many manufacturers use metal presses for this purpose. However, this approach cannot guarantee the absence of undesirable chemical reactions when the metal comes into contact with the raw material. In addition, this method involves heating the raw material. As a consequence, undesirable changes in the composition of the raw material can be made. As a result, it is capable of completely losing some of its valuable properties.

The wooden press excludes the possibility of oxidation. In addition, our equipment is made of quality wood, which also has a natural antibacterial effect.

How to give pine nut oil to children

In order to prevent and strengthen immunity, children can be given one tablespoon of the product twice a day 30 minutes before meals. You can add it to a variety of dishes, such as salads. Cedar nut oil will give the dish an original aroma and delicate taste. It can easily replace boring and traditional sunflower and olive oils. Everyone should be well aware that increasing the immunity of children is the responsibility of parents.

Why is it worth buying raw cedar oil from us:

  • This product is an additional source of vitamins of various groups, as well as amino acids and minerals. They are important in the formation of childhood immunity.
  • Cedarwood oil is an excellent massage agent. Many parents know that not every cream can be used for baby massage. But it will be ideal for this task. It nourishes and softens the skin well, and its unique pine scent will help the child relax. Crude oil is prescribed regenerating properties: it helps to eliminate inflammation and heal minor skin lesions.
  • Oil is an excellent immune stimulant. If you are tired of your child’s regular colds, give him this wonderful product of nature itself for prevention. Especially his reception becomes relevant in the season of colds.
  • Effective treatment of diseases. This remedy is well suited for the treatment of skin ailments, gastrointestinal diseases and other diseases. There are practically no contraindications to it.
  • Raw-pressed oil is a natural product. In its composition you will not find synthetic components and various impurities. It includes only those components that were laid down by nature itself and slightly processed by humans.
  • People send us amazing reviews and results of taking our Living Cedar Oil. This once again confirms the reliability and responsibility, as well as the high quality of our product.

How to store pine nut oil at home

It is not recommended to store the product in the same way as plain refined oil, leaving it on the table in a container. Under the influence of direct sunlight and heating, the oil can begin to “bitter”. In order to avoid spoilage of the live product, it is recommended to keep it protected from light and in a cool place. A refrigerator is suitable for storing the product.

If these conditions are met, raw-pressed oil is guaranteed to retain its valuable properties for six months.

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